Listening and taking action

To ensure that Plan A remains relevant we listen to our stakeholders. This page summarises how we listen and what we’ve heard over the past 12 months.

  • Customers

    How we listen
    • Monitoring sales of products
    • Offering involvement in Plan A activities and campaigns
    • Receiving feedback through our Retail Customer Services team
    • Feedback through our Plan A suggestions email
    • Conducting research and surveys
    • Making increasing use of Facebook and Twitter social media
    So this is what they’ve told us

    Environmental and social issues continue to be important but our customers have other pressures and priorities. They want to buy products that offer high standards in all respects and have the opportunity to contribute to causes which are important to them.

  • Employees

    How we listen
    • Plan A Champions in all locations
    • Business Involvement Groups
    • Feedback through our Plan A suggestions email
    • Annual Your Say survey
    • Involvement in a wide range of Plan A activities
    • Plan A listening groups
    So this is what they’ve told us

    Many of our colleagues want us to continue to cut waste, help local communities and communicate better to our customers.

  • Shareholders

    How we listen
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Meetings with institutional Investors
    • Survey of institutional Investors
    • Ethical investment survey
    So this is what they’ve told us

    Investors are increasingly interested in how Plan A contributes to the success of our business and how this should be measured.

  • Suppliers

    How we listen
    • Annual Plan A Supplier Conference
    • Tendering processes
    • Supplier Exchange
    • Visits and meetings
    • Agricultural shows
    So this is what they’ve told us

    Our suppliers are looking for M&S to adopt an holistic approach to sustainability which reflects developing industry-wide standards.

  • Government and regulators

    How we listen
    • Meetings
    • Dialogues with trade associations
    • Responses to consultations
    • Annual Plan A Stakeholder Conference
    So this is what they’ve told us

    EU and UK governments have been developing proposals to improve corporate accountability on social and environmental issues through reporting. We have attempted to incorporate many of these proposals into this year’s reports.

  • Non-governmental organisations (such as WWF, Oxfam, RSPCA, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth)

    How we listen
    • Visits and meetings
    • Participation in benchmarking and surveys
    • Joint projects
    • Annual Plan A Stakeholder Conference
    So this is what they’ve told us

    NGOs want M&S to continue to show leadership and collaborate with other companies to help bring changes across the whole industry.

Your views

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