Management summary

This section of the Report gives you an overview of our performance on Plan A over the past year. Marc Bolland our Chief Executive Officer outlines the challenges ahead and Richard Gillies, Director of Plan A, CSR and Sustainable Business talks about our journey so far.

  1. Highlights

    How we performed in 2012/13.

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  2. Chief Executive’s letter

    We can be proud of what Plan A has achieved over the past six years. We’ve delivered 139 of our 180 commitments and earned recognition through over 150 sustainability awards.

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  3. Our Plan A journey

    We came into the year having completed the first five year phase of Plan A. We’d achieved the majority of our 2012 targets including the ‘big two’ operational targets of becoming carbon neutral and sending no waste to landfill. We’d also reported a five-year progressive Plan A net benefit of £185m available to be reinvested back into the business. We’ve now moved on, measuring our progress during 2012/13 against our 2015 targets.

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  4. Performance summary

    See the progress we are making against our 180 Plan A commitments.

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  5. Independent recognition

    Since we launched Plan A in 2007 we have received over 100 awards covering all aspects of sustainability. These pages list the most recent.

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