Review of the year

This section of the Report takes you into the detail of our 180 Plan A commitments. So far, we’ve Achieved 139 with 31 On plan, 5 Behind plan, 4 Not achieved and one Cancelled.

  1. Involve our customers in Plan A

    We need our customers’ help to take Plan A to the next level, so we’re working hard to explain how many of the M&S products they buy contribute directly to Plan A, and making it easier for them to get involved in Plan A activities with us. To do this, we have to work collaboratively with other organisations that can help to provide these opportunities for our customers.

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  2. Make Plan A how we do business

    We can make sustainability ‘the business we do’ in M&S by integrating Plan A into every aspect of our operations – including the products we develop and sell, the stores we build and the way we work with our suppliers and engage our employees.

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  3. Climate change

    Our planet is getting warmer – mainly because of an increase in greenhouse gas emissions produced by human activity – with many damaging consequences. Climate change is a global challenge but one that we’re helping to address.

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  4. Waste

    The UK throws away around 300 million tonnes of waste every year – most of it from construction and industry, with 35 million tonnes from households. Packaging accounts for around 10 million tonnes of which 7 million tonnes are recycled.

    If waste isn’t reused or recycled as part of a ‘circular economy’ it can end up in landfill where the valuable resources it contains are lost forever.

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  5. Natural resources

    Growing and harvesting the raw materials we rely on can harm the environment, so it’s important that we source them wisely – doing all we can to replenish them, protect natural habitats and ensure good animal welfare standards.

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  6. Fair Partner

    We’re only as strong as the communities in which we operate – so it makes good sense for us to be a fair partner – paying a fair price to suppliers, supporting local communities and making sure everyone working in our supply chains enjoys good working conditions.

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  7. Health & wellbeing

    Health and wellbeing is strongly linked to diet and lifestyles and there’s convincing evidence that many people living in the developed world are less active than they should be. In fact, based on current trends, 60% of the UK population could be obese by 2050.

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