Pillar 7

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is strongly linked to diet and lifestyle and there’s convincing evidence that many people living in the developed world are less active than they should be. In fact, based on current trends, 60% of the UK population could be obese by 2050.

Signing up to the Public Health Responsibility Deal

We’re working with the UK Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal which has now been extended to cover 18 aspects of nutrition and health, including a new commitment to help consumers eat more fruit and vegetables.

Reducing salt in products

We’ve already hit many of the Government’s salt targets – including those for sandwiches, crisps, bacon and bread – but believe that industry-wide solutions are needed to meet others. We’re working with the British Retail Consortium and the Food and Drink Federation to produce new recommendations on ways to reduce salt in food products.

Helping our customers and employees count the calories

We’ve now introduced calorie labelling in our store cafés and other catering services for customers. We include calorie information on the menu boards in our employee cafés where we highlight Eat Well products and offer at least one healthier option. In stores with fewer employees we provide free fruit and bread.

Promoting employee health and wellness

We’ve refreshed and revitalised our employee Plan A health website this year – giving it a new look and feel and adding information on managing asthma, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. The website provides access to free physiotherapy advice and referrals by Nuffield Health.

We launched a version of the Plan A health website for our colleagues in India featuring local content and case studies.